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Sustainable Festivities

With the holidays around the corner, both there are good opportunities for both fun and helping the environment.

If you still have presents to wrap, try using newspapers, construction paper, tissue paper, gift bags you already have, or wrapping paper from previous years instead of buying new wrapping supplies.

Use dried leaves, flowers, or pinecones and some string to create your own natural ornaments. You can also cover them in mod podge or dip them in resin if you want them to last longer.

If you are planning to visit others, make sure to quarantine before and after your visit, wear a mask during your visit, and wash your hands frequently. Holiday spirit is best expressed in a safe way.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, happy holidays, happy winter break, and happy New Years'!

We'll see you in 2021!

Stay healthy and thanks for reading!

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