Stay healthy in this hard time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hardship across the globe. By practicing easy safety measures, you can ease your worry, knowing that you are helping to save lives. First of all, WASH YOUR HANDS! This is the easiest way to protect yourself from getting germs on your hands and spreading them to your face and places around your home. Secondly, make sure not to touch your face. This is so that you do not spread germs through your nose, mouth, and/or eyes. Third of all, be sure to stay six feet apart from everyone that you see. This might be hard if you are in a crowded area or see someone that you want to talk to but it is important to try your best. Lastly, when you go out in public, make sure to wear a mask that covers your mouth and your nose. Not only does this protect you but it also protects others around you. If you do not have a regular mask, here is a step by step to make your own using things you may have around the house! Please use these tips to stay safe and healthy!

Step by Step:

Stay safe and healthy!

-PFT team


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