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Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping

You may ask yourself, can I make a difference by shopping consciously? Yes, you can! There are several moments while shopping that result in a lot of additional plastic use. Here are some ways to limit that from reoccurring.

First, bring your own reusable bags so you don’t have to use plastic ones provided. This way, you don’t have tons of plastic bags you won’t end up utilizing.

Second, try to buy items with little to no plastic content or packaging. If you buy items with a lot of plastic packaging, that will end up in our landfills and oceans.

Thirdly, go to local farmers' markets both to consume less plastic than in traditional grocery stores, buy products that haven't used a lot of fossil fuels to import, and to support local businesses.

Lastly, embolden others to do the same as you and familiarize them with the plastic waste created by going to the store.

Click these links to read more about eco-friendly food shopping:

Stay healthy and thanks for reading!

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