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Coronavirus’ Impact on the Environment

In February, March, and April when the world was in strict lockdown because of the coronavirus, the environment thrived. Water cleared, gray skies turned blue due to low pollution levels, and wild animals roamed empty cities.

However, deforestation sped up in the Amazon and a lot more waste has been produced during the pandemic. Additionally, any benefits proved to be short-lived. Greenhouse gas emission is sky-rocketing now that the world is opening up again, in some cases surpassing how it was before the pandemic.

Temporary breaks for the planet to recover have given us a glimpse of what Earth could be, but now that polluters are accelerating production to make up for lost time, we’re back in the same situation.

A few months of rest isn’t going to solve climate change, but it’s given us something to work towards. Stay up to date on environmental news, try to be more eco-friendly in your daily life, activate for environmental solutions, and vote for eco-conscious politicians.

Click these links to read more about how COVID-19 has and will continue to impact the environment:

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