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Composting for Your Home Garden

Recently, it has been hard for a lot of people to get healthy produce like fruits and vegetables. COVID-19 has been an obstacle for many when grocery shopping because they don't want to get close to other people.

Another way to get fruits and vegetables is to make a garden at home. Many people have started gardening in the months since many schools and workplaces shut down because access to fruit and vegetables is difficult otherwise.

One of the main things you need for a healthy garden is good soil. Soil provides nutrients for plants, which allows them to grow healthy and strong. However, not everyone has good soil or even a backyard.

Composting is a process that converts organic matter like dead plants and extra food into rich, healthy soil. Composting seems hard, but it is simple and great for the environment.

Click these links to learn more about composting:

Tag us on Instagram when you post about your home garden! We love seeing your efforts to help the planet.

Stay healthy and thanks for reading!

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